Myopia Control

Myopia Control

Myopia Control


Understanding Myopia Control for your Child

Dr. Gary White and the optometry team want you to know that it is never too early for an exam if your child has myopia, most often called nearsightedness.

Whether young or in their golden years, over one-third of Americans are nearsighted. For children that can mean the difference in learning at school and for adults, it could make the difference in being able to drive or handle simple close-up tasks like reading or sewing.

FAQs about Nearsightedness and Myopia Control

What is the cause of Myopia?

Most infants are born farsighted, which causes them to exert extra effort to focus on objects in the distance. If severe, this can cause ciliary muscle spasms which result in the eye becoming elongated. This is nature’s way of reducing farsightedness since it is essential for survival.

Is There a Way to Prevent Myopia?

Our optometry team wants you to know – the short answer is absolutely! The sooner you recognize the problem in your child and provide reading glasses for reading and close up work, the more likely you will be able to prevent myopia.

Plus, lenses or reading glasses are convex making objects appear farther away. This reduced focusing effort preventing a worsening of the condition. Minus lenses are concave and make objects appear closer.

It’s a common misconception that eye exercises can prevent myopia. In fact, the opposite is true. The myopic eye does not need exercise but rather needs relaxation. Focusing on close-up things stresses the eye while looking into the distance relaxes focus.

Can a Person’s Eyes Recover from Myopia?

Research shows that ciliary muscle spasms are relaxed with extended use of plus lenses allowing up to one diopter of myopia to be eliminated. If the eye has become any more elongated its myopia cannot be reversed.

How Far Should Your Eyes Be from a Book or Computer when Using Reading Glasses?

The best idea is to keep that book or computer monitor as far from your eyes as possible. This causes the ciliary muscle to relax.

Call Us Today!

There are treatments that often quite effective in myopia control and at times it may even be reversed. We want you to know there are answers you may not know about. Your child and you deserve to see as clearly as possible so you can enjoy life together at its fullest.

Call us to learn more about the causes and treatment of myopia or to schedule an appointment for any of your optometry needs.

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