Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Advanced Vision Clinic Reviews

"O.M.G! The Corneal Correction Treatment WORKS. Trust me, I was pretty skeptical about the process. I was so nervous that it would not work for me. However, when I removed the lens from my eyes at the next day follow-up, I was shocked at the dramatic changes that took place in just ONE night. The feeling was so overwhelming that I had to hold back from crying because I didn’t want the moment to be blurred by my tears. I’m truly thankful for Dr. Gary and his staff for all they have done so far. Do yourself a favor and take the leap. You will not be disappointed."

Joshua C.

“ Dr. White is AAAAWWWEESSOOOMMEE!!! He's very knowledgeable about the eye and he educates you as he goes through his findings. He was able to look at my eye and see my family's medical history it was amazing. I was in need of assistance right away and Dr. White skipped lunch to assist me. I am FOREVER grateful. To top it off the very next day I was receiving a call from his wonderful assistant Priscilla to check on me. I am astonished by the level of concern and customer service Dr. White's office has. Oh not to mention that I am self-pay and my appointment was AFFORDABLE. Dr. White has a patient for life in me! Thank you all! ”

Jocc Sea

“ Very Professional. I was very impressed with the technology that they used for the eye examination. I love my new glasses. ”

David Crumlich

“ CCT is nothing short of a miracle. I am very pleased. The only problem is that I didn't know about the treatment sooner! ”


“ I can stay outside in spring and the pollen doesn't make my eyes cloudy like when I was wearing contacts. ”


“ I can see important things in the classroom that are far away without having to move! ”


“ The moldings have changed my vision a lot, for example, no headaches, no twitching, and no blurry vision! ”


“ Glasses made it difficult for Christian to enjoy the sports he participated in before, such as karate. Now that Christian has been going through this treatment he is able to enjoy seeing everything without the hassle of wearing glasses or dealing with occasional pain with soft contacts. ”

Christian's mom, Carissa

Advanced Vision Clinic

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